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Dinner After SNL

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After SNL one night, four of us went to Hickory Inn for dinner. Our waitress was very sober and not smiling.  After she took our order and left, we prayed.  When we finished, we realized she was standing waiting to give us our drinks.  She then asked, "do you all go to church?"  We said that we did and on Saturday night at Fellowship.  She started talking with us, smiling a little bit, and then informed us that her son had passed away from an overdose just 22 weeks prior.  Marcia asked if we could pray for her.  She said yes and we did just that.  Before we left, I told her about the multi church prayer service that was being held at Maiden Lane the next night.  We told her that we would be there.


The next evening, we were in the packed sanctuary at Maiden Lane, our waitress from the previous night and her boyfriend, sought us out and sat in front of us.  That night she heard the testimony of a mother that had lost her son recently to an overdose as well.  We don’t believe that was just a random dinner at Hickory Inn on that July evening. We believe that God put us there so we could minister to our waitress and to lead her to a place where she could seek help.

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Faithful in times of pain.

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We all have a daily choice to make.  Will it be to follow the Kingdom path, or the common path?  Fellowship Elder and spiritual grandfather to many Dick Johnson, is choosing the Kingdom path.