Our Staff


Grant Edwards

Senior Pastoroffice: 937.322.5381 x113

Rick Ives

Pastoroffice: 937.322.5381 x121

Jeremy Hudson

Spring Hill Campus Pastoroffice: 937.322.5381 x155

Chad Wilson

Worship and Production Pastoroffice: 937.322.5381 x130

Michelle Detrick

Communications Directoroffice: 937.322.5381 x139

Mike Delledonne

Director of Sports Ministry & Facilities Superintendentoffice: 937.322.5381 x116

Peggy Kaffenbarger

Office Manageroffice: 937.322.5381 x102

Ray Willis

Executive Pastoroffice: 937.322.5381 x119

Greg Nerger

Next Generation Pastoroffice: 937.322.5381 x109

Rachel Nerger

Special Needs Ministry Coordinator

Elisa Davis

Children's Ministry Team Coordinator

Heather Ives

Administrative Assistant

Dick Johnson

Pastoral Careoffice: 937.322.5381 x134

Chris LeMaster

Spring Hill Associate Campus Pastor/ Pastoral Careoffice: 937.322.5381

Chris Cox

Facilities Assistant / IT Assistantoffice: 937.322.5381 x133

Terrie Kennington

Director of Spiritual Growthoffice: 937.322.5381 x122

Steve Severt

Financial Administratoroffice: 937.322.5381 x118

Breanna Winters

Children's Ministry Intern

Keilah Tawney

Children's Ministry Intern

David Wiseman

Assistant Video Producer

Hayley Woodbridge

Children's Ministry Intern