Why Kids Hope USA? In 2021, Fellowship is focusing on three areas to impact our community: Marriages, Education, and Leadership.

Our sermon series in July focused on MARRIAGE and was titled Worth It!
Healthy marriages make healthy families; healthy families make healthy communities (and healthy churches).

Our sermon series for 6 weeks in May and June focused on LEADERSHIP and was titled Influence.
Everyone who in any kind of a relationship of two or more people has Influence. Jesus's ministry teaches us how to love people and have a positive influence on them.

Over the summer, we provided activities for the students and families at Lagonda Elementary School (in our Spring Hill campus neighborhood). During the school year we provide mentors to students at Lagonda Elementary through Kids Hope USA and support the faculty and staff through various projects, including periodically providing lunches and small gifts of appreciation.

Kid's Hope USA

Every person wants to feel known and loved. For several years now we have been working with Kids Hope USA to provide mentors for some of the kids at Lagonda Elementary School. Can you give just one hour, one day a week for the upcoming school year? You play a game, or talk, or help with homework, or just be a friend to an elementary student. The impact of one caring adult in a kid’s life is immeasurable. To get started, click on the Get Started button below the graphic and let us know that you would like more information.