Join Pastor Jeremy as we unpack Red Chair Leadership culture—how it works, the core values, and the way in which it reflects a biblical model of leadership. This leadership model has become a cornerstone of the way we lead at Fellowship, as our ultimate goal is to Lead Like Jesus.

Video Module 1- "Welcome to Red Chair Leadership"

In this first video, Pastor Jeremy shares the big ideas of Red Chair Leadership and the culture surrounding it, as well as how we see this type of leadership model in Scripture.

Video Module 2- "Redefining Leadership"

In this second video, Pastor Jeremy unpacks the traditional model of leadership, and how in order to truly follow the example of Jesus we need to flip it upside down.

Video Module 3- "Red Chair Leadership Beliefs"

In this third video, Pastor Jeremy walks through the twelve belief statements that are the lifeblood of Red Chair Leadership culture and structure.

Video Module 4- "How Red Chair Leadership Works"

In this fourth video, Pastor Jeremy describes how Red Chair Leadership was designed, the meaning behind "the red chair", and some practical application of this leadership model.