Jesus gave the command to disciple and Paul taught us how to practically live out the Great Commission. Disciple, when used as a noun, is a person who is a student of the teacher. But when used as a verb, it is the action of teaching another person to live as Jesus did.

To disciple effectively you must know the right content and be an example of that teaching. Every Christian can disciple. Conversations provides the content to disciple effectively. All new believers (and older believers who need to be renewed) can use First Steps Conversations.

We are to become disciplers… a person who is discipled and then disciples others. Followers of Jesus disciple. It is a one-on-one discipleship adventure. While meeting for 10 lessons, a believer develops a relationship with Jesus through the four foundational disciplines.

Our goal with First Steps Conversations is to encourage Christians to have the identity of being not just a disciple of Jesus but a “discipler.”

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