Fellowship Kid's Digital Campus

Welcome to Fellowship Kid's Digital Campus! We are so happy you are here. We have resources for both you and your children to engage with on sunday morning


Covid-19 Procedures
  • Please RSVP your family for the service you will be attending using this link
  • Families will pick up pre-printed tags at check-in
  • Children’s temperatures will be taken at check-in
  • Parents will be asked to take kids to the bathroom before service
  • Parents will be asked to hold all personal belongings (diaper bags, backpacks, car seats, etc.) during service
  • Snack will not be served during service
  • Kids programming will start at the beginning of service-any child that wishes to worship with their family can join large group after worship.
  • All volunteers are required to wear masks
  • Masks for children are at the parent’s discretion

Children Kindergarten through 5th grade participate explore worship through art, music, movement, and other oral expressions such as spoken word and song writing. This discipleship too will teach children to live as worshippers. Starts again soon.


Baby/Child Dedications are an opportunity for parents to commit to raising their child in the ways of the Lord. Dedications are scheduled periodically throughout the year.


Our two basic purposes for Roots are to provide a safe environment so that parents can attend service with peace of mind, and to show these children Jesus.

Roots works in one of two ways for every child determined by the parents and ministry leader (Rachel Nerger). The first is the Special Needs Classroom. During service children can be in this classroom specifically designed to meet the needs of special needs children with trained adult supervision. The second, is a buddy system. During service children who can be in a typical children’s ministry classroom but need a little more focus and attention can have a buddy (typically a teen volunteer) specifically assigned just to that child.

To register your student for Roots or for more information, PLEASE CLICK HERE.


Whenever there is a 5th Sunday in a month our elementary (K-5th grade) students will join their parents in service for a family worship service. Nursery and preschoolers will go to their normally scheduled classes.

Join the team!

100% of you were once a kid! Join our volunteer team. The next generation matters!! Click on the link to fill out a volunteer application. If you have questions please contact Shelby Harris, Children's Ministry Director.

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