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Matt's Story

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Although I confessed Jesus as my Lord and Savior as a teenager, I have struggled with addiction for a long time. A few years ago, my mom was at my house and before she left she looked into my eyes and said, “God is real Matt, and He only wants the best for you”. The Holy Spirit really shook me that night. 

Not long after that, I was at an event and recognized the vendor of a food truck as a guy I met at Life Group. I felt obligated to say hi and when he asked me how I was doing, I could tell he truly cared. I told him about the emptiness I felt, that I was unemployed, and addicted to alcohol. He asked if he could pray for me despite the crowd of a hundred people behind me. I agreed. The Holy Spirit was at work and tears began flowing down my face.  As I walked away, two gentleman I had never met before said they heard us and wanted me to know they were praying for me too. I was shocked and knew this was clearly a message from God that He never quit watching over me. I went back to church, got involved in Life Group again and began volunteering at the food pantry.

One night I shared my addictions and struggles with my Life Group and told them I was tired of feeling this way. Before the night ended, all the men gathered around me and prayed that God would break this addiction in the name of Jesus. I felt a release and saw the vision of a chain break and lift off me.

I have been sober for over a year! I now have a job and a roommate to help with expenses. I feel called to volunteer and have recently finished a discipleship program so that I can help other people like me. God brought a woman of faith in my life and this weekend we are going to Houston to help those devastated by the hurricane. I’ve never felt this much joy and fullness in my heart! I never thought this was even possible and it’s all because of God! I still go through trials and the enemy still tries to speak lies and pull me off this path. But I know from the bottom of my soul that God is with me and with him anything is possible. I choose to live in that Truth!

by Matt Flaker

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Block Party

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I've heard about the Block Party since it started and thought it was such a neat idea and an amazing way to serve the community. The week I was hired and joined the staff at Fellowship was the week immediately after block party last year. I was so disappointed to have missed it and literally have been counting down to the event this year. I was so excited to be part of it! I helped Marianne with the fundraising and it was truly all God who is the only one who can take credit for any of the generosity of people. I made lots of phone calls and put a lot of info out there, faced a lot of rejection and was thoroughly discouraged. When I contacted Marianne to apologize about my lack of success, she told me we had 45 bikes committed and donated and we were all good. Truly a miracle.

At the event, I randomly bumped into a friend who I didn't know would be there. She was blown away by the scale of the event and the generosity behind it.  She said she and her son would need to check us out on a Sunday morning. She was so excited when I told her about our children's ministry too.

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