We are going places together in the local community and around the world.

We believe that God's call to reach the lost for Christ does not end at the borders of our city, state, or nation. "Go into all the world and make disciples of all men" were Jesus' words and we want to be part of God's answer to all the lost in the world.

Fellowship engages in local outreach and international endeavors through prayer, financial, and training support. We aid missionaries and leaders around the world in bringing the Gospel and discipleship to both the lost and the saved. Whether on neighborhood streets, in prisons, poverty-stricken communities, or a faraway nation our hearts reach outward to help real people in authentic ways experience the love of Jesus.

Local Outreach: Clark County Jail Chaplaincy, The Gathering, The Nehemiah Foundation, John and Sarah Markman (International House of Prayer), Fellowship Food Pantry, Fellowship Links, Kids Helping Kids, Chi Alpha, First Steps USA and Fellowship Youth Missions

International Missions: Russians Reaching Russians; First Steps Asia; IGC, Cebu, Philippines; Naomi's Heart Mission, General Santos City, Philippines; India; Vanguard Global Bible Institute, Olivia Willis - At Large; Southeast Asia (Joshua Davis), Thirsty Soul Mission; Fellowship Mexico Missions.

For more information on the ministries we support, please contact Pastor Rick Ives.

We encourage Fellowship members to participate in short-term missions.