5-30-21 | Influence | Rick Ives
Rick Ives   -  
We were born to influence, and it takes a team! I preached the past 2 weekends under the sermon title of Everybody needs a Paul, a Timothy, and a Barnabus. This is so true for us today as we navigate being a Christ-follower in a world seeming to often not need or want Christ. Other brothers and sisters in our lives are critical.
Have you ever needed encouraged? I know I need it often. But I also need to be an encourager, because we all need it to thrive!
I know that I need to continually be living out what Peter wrote.. “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” We all need people to help us grow, to help “pull us up” spiritually. I need this every day because even though I am a pastor, there is so much yet to know about our God. So I need people to help me.
I also know that I need to continually being about the business of helping others to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. God has put people in my path that need my help – and what an honor that God would use me. The same is true for you – and yes you are able to help others. You can, for example, share your testimony with someone, or bring them to church, pr pray for them, or help them with a meal or a ride – al in the Name of Jesus. You can also be a discipler in a persons life, and we have tools to help you.
You may ask, where are these people I need to encourage, learn from, and help. Sometimes God will make it very obvious to you, sometimes not. That’s where prayer comes in. Can you pray, for example: “Lord, I want to encourage someone today. Would you please show me someone who is in obvious need of a word of encouragement?” You know what? He will! Can you pray: “Lord I feel stalled in my faith-walk with you. Will you show me someone who UI can ask to help me?” You know what? HE will! Can you pray: “Lord, I am not sure I am qualified but I want to help someone to grow spiritually – can you point me to that person?” Guess what? He will! God loves to answer these types of prayers.
Since we all influence people, we are all leaders. We hope at Fellowship to help you learn to lead in a way that fits you and impacts others, and we pray God will bring influencers into your life who will bless and encourage you. We need a Barnabas (Son of Encouragement), we need a Timothy (someone we can help), and we all need a Paul (someone to lift us up.) They are out there – and there are so many out there who need you!
In closing – my sincere thanks to all of you who have blessed and helped me and my family here at Fellowship now for 20 years!