Annual Report 2017




2017 God Stories

Tom and Eileen Windon

fellowship* testimony | December 24, 2017

Cancer, a word no one wants to hear. Eileen and I have been on a ride for the past five years. There have been many times that we felt we were in such a dark place. From...

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God Story | Josie and Alan

fellowship* testimony | December 18, 2017

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2017 Sermons

2017 outreach


Date Night gave parents a night out focused on intentional conversations while their kids had a fun filled night.

Family Ice Skating gave the entire family an opportunity to have fun and spend time with each other at the NTPRD Chiller Ice Rink.

Fall Showcase gave kids and parents a preview of Orange Planet that launched in the Fall of 2017!

Youth group hosted an outreach event (30 students attended) where students prepped over 6,000 meals! Meals were donated to the Fellowship Food Pantry and Second Harvest Food Bank.

Youth group grew from an average attendance in Spring of 2017 from 45 students to Fall of 2017 to 75 students. 

First semester of Orange Planet launched for Elementary students with an average attendance of 40 students. 

About 15 youth students consistently serve in children's ministry every Sunday morning.

80 elementary students attended Gadgets and Gizmos, our Vacation Bible School, over the summer. 

A $10K donation was given to fundraising for High School and Middle School camps which cut the cost of camp in half for students.

14 students attended Middle School Camp CIY MIX at Cedarville University.

20 students attended High School Camp CIY MOVE at Johnson University.

2 students made first time decisions to follow Jesus at HS camp. (1 of which was baptized a couple months later)

42 Youth students attended a Fall Retreat event focused on discipleship and building relationships.

Rachel Dewey, a high school student, was healed from scoliosis and her chronic pain in her hips and her back!

Middle-School Instructional Basketball League
Men’s Basketball League
Family Archery
Home-School Archery
Open-gym Archery
Pickle-ball (4 groups)
Youth Dance Classes (Ballet, Tap, Jazz)
Ballroom Dance
Fitness Offerings (Holy Yoga, Re-Fit, Pound, and PiYo)



Events Sponsored by Community Organizations Using Fellowship’s Facilities:

Springfield Pickle-ball Association
Huntsman Basketball
Smith Basketball
Schult Basketball
Wittenberg Basketball
Kenton Ridge Basketball
Springfield Christian Basketball
Champion Force Athletics Cheerleading
T.H.A.T. Homeschool
Classical Conversations Homeschool
The Gathering
Food Pantry
Boy Scout 316
Weight Watchers
Several Party’s and Reunions
National Trails Parks and Recreation District
Springfield Christian Youth Ministry Biz Ba$ics

2017 Financial information

2017 Average Weekly Giving...$25,481
2017 Average Weekly Expenses...$23,913



General Tithes ... $1,325,723.31

Fellowship 365/Vision/HOPE...$193,920.55

Missions International...$480,101.95

Missions Local...$13,473.41

Tithes/Offerings Other...$205,659.37

General, Missions, 356/Hope: $1,980,194.21
Total Deposits in 2017: $2,212,614.43

Line of Credit: Paid $34,000 ($37,000 to $3,000)
Building Loan: Paid $282,000 ($1,224,000 to $941,500)
Checking (cash available)… approximately: $120,000.00
Cash in Capital Projects Reserve: $25,000

God is impacting lives everyday through Fellowship. These individual stories come together to make up a beautiful community. Several years ago, we defined a path to reach those living in our community and around the world who did not yet know Jesus through Links, launching our Spring Hill campus, and renovating our Upper Valley campus. 

Many people contributed time, talents and resources to make these things possible. The project cost well over $2,500,000 and much of it was given before the project was complete. But there was a difference between the cost of the project and the money we had in hand, so Fellowship acquired a loan.

On March 28, 2017, Fellowship 365 divided our indebtedness into 365 equal parts to signify each of those days of God’s impact. Each time $3123 is donated, one of the 365 equal parts is considered invested.

In 2017, over 120 households have participated from just a few dollars to investing in several days.  Our church family held a 5K at the Clark County Fairgrounds, donated through a food truck, and many people gave sacrificially. 73 days were invested. The outstanding balance on our loan on December 31 was $941,500.

If you would like to participate by hosting an event, donating part of a day, one day, or even multiple days, CLICK HERE

2017 Facilities update

The Facilities team consists of Brian Allen, Paul Andras, Chris Cox, Tom Jordan, Phil Lambers, Ken Ober, Dave Wilson, and Mike Delledonne - Operations Manager.

Replaced decking on handicapped ramp at Spring Hill campus
Upgraded all sanctuary lights to LED at Spring Hill campus
Replaced heater on Upper Valley baptismal
Made a workstation in the warehouse for major projects
Repaired and painted walls in gym
Painted hallways at Upper Valley campus
Built new paper holder for the Children’s Ministry
Built tables for Youth Ministry

2017 office volunteers

Dana Beckner, Diane Chapman, Sandy Krumholtz, Sandy Lee, Sharon Maine, Anna Miner, Jayne Ratliff,  Laura Robinette, Diane Swingle, Kim Tagg, and Peggy Kaffenbarger - Office Manager.

Input weekly attendance and prayer requests
Assemble weekly bulletins for both campuses
Pastoral care support
Prepare Children's Ministry resources for weekends
Prepare Welcome Gifts for visitors
Answer phones and greet guests who stop in
Distribute Prayer Warriors Memo

2017 Elders

Jim Chamberlin, Bill Clark, Grant Edwards, Craig Hamstra, Dick Johnson, Rohn Kennington, Wally Martinson, and Rob Oller


2017 Fun Facts

New website launched in September by communications Team - Jennifer Crews, Barbara Edwards, Grant Edwards, Andy Hayes, Lo Houser, Jeremy Hudson, Chad Wilson and Michelle Detrick - Communications Director.

Women's Ministry hosted seven Bible studies, held a Creative Expo in March, a Walking in Strength Conference in April, and a Sweet Night of Fellowship in November. 

Ministry 2 Men hosted Bob Russell breakfast in June, a Daddy-Daughter Dance in October, two Bible studies, and championship brackets for Fantasy Football and March Madness.

Gracious Hands Ministry consists of 4 teams of 18-20 women who provide meals to families after the funeral of a loved one. Each team served several times in 2017.



Fellowship's electric bill for both campuses was $80,000 in 2017.


In 2017, the stage at the Upper Valley campus was resurfaced with new carpet and wood flooring. Good-bye red carpet!


208 weekend services over two campuses, where teams of 70+ volunteers gave over 5000 hours of service to the worship and production teams.


On January 1, 2017, Fellowship had 1471 followers on our Facebook page and on December 31, 2017, we had 1900 followers.


The Decorating Committee purchased a 12' Christmas tree this year for the Upper Valley campus lobby for $100! The Lord provided a beautiful tree at a fantastic price.  


Staff met on Tuesdays from 9 to 11 to discuss spiritual and programmatic areas of the church.  This includes all weekend worship services.



The CCS Archery program is the only one of its kind in Clark County with an indoor range. Archers are able to shoot all year, and the program is run by the only certified trainer in Springfield, Bryan Dabe.



Dick Johnson discipled the most people using First Steps in 2017.




The IT team implemented major WiFi upgrades at Upper Valley campus and Spring Hill campus. 


In 2017, the Personnel Committee analyzed and rewrote all staff job descriptions. 


Pastor Greg Nerger won the Fellowship Ministry 2 Men Fantasy Football League.


Pastor Chad Wilson believes the lead instrument in heaven is the pedal steel guitar.


Generosity Committee met 8 times in 2017 to pray, discuss, and work to implement strategies to create generous people who give to Kingdom vision. Michelle Detrick, Jeremy Hudson, Jeff Horne, Monte Zinn, Tonya Ramsey, John Balzer, Wally Martinson, Bruce Grimes, Grant Edwards and Heather Ives.



Fellowship cares about our community. The staff and members are encouraged to share their talents to better our community. Pastor Chad Wilson has partnered with Ethan Dewhurst to form Springfield USA. Click here to see what it is all about.


Our Young Adults have been meeting on Sunday evenings at the Spring Hill campus in the Bistro. They have enjoyed bonding as a group and growing in the Lord.



The Listening Project, which helped guide the discernment and planning for adding another service at the Spring Hill campus, provided direction and clarity for the launch of a second full worship service on Wednesday nights beginning August 2018.


If you have any questions about this report, please submit them here.