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Pat and Lora Miller

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   Sometimes I struggle with hearing/discerning the voice of the Lord from my own wants, desires, and (let’s be honest) my own ego. One evening last winter at SNL, our church leaders outlined the Fellowship 365 campaign. The plan is for people to sponsor a day or part of one day to help eliminate our building debt so that we could use those moneys to reach more people.
   As I sat there listening, I felt as if the Lord said to me, “You need to have a 5K race to support this”. I’d like to tell you I jumped up immediately, cried Hallelujah!!, and went right to work on making it happen; but that would be a lie. I didn’t do anything. In the spring as the leaders gave an update on Fellowship 365, I heard that same voice telling me again to have a 5K race. This time I heard myself say, “No Lord, I can’t do that! That’s crazy!!” But I have learned that when I get an idea that is truly from the Lord, I usually don’t want to do it. The more I resisted, the more the Holy Spirit insisted. I began talking about the idea to the people close to me and they gave me nothing but encouragement.
   To get this thing started, I needed to secure a Timing company for the race. But I hit dead end after dead end and began feeling so discouraged. I prayed, “Lord, did I hear you correctly??” I was listening to an Adrian Rogers sermon soon after that and he said, “Sometimes God gives one spouse an idea and the other spouse the talents to see the idea through.”
Enter my salesman husband, Pat Miller to bring this idea into reality. Pat worked out all the details: the venue, the timing company, the sponsors, and the t-shirts. Things started falling into place so fast that Mike Hughes only had about 24 hours to come up with the Logo design.
   Pat says it was a faith building exercise for him. He prayed and God answered all his prayers and filled every need. We both learned to depend on God. We were so moved as people agreed to help or participate in the event. We knew that whatever the result ended up being financially, we wanted the Glory to go only to God.
   We belong to a fantastic body of believers. The support from John Essig, Michelle Detrick, our SNL family, our sponsors, and all the running/walking warriors made this event a success. October 8 really was a fun day for everyone who attended. We raised enough money to sponsor one day, GLORY TO GOD!!
   My challenge to you is this, if God has put something on your heart to do, obey him. If Satan tries to stop you, overcome him with prayer and continued obedience. And as it says in 1 Corinthians 10:31: So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
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