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Mike and Dontea's Story

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Six years ago, I realized my kids were all grown and moved out of the house.  Quite honestly, I was kind of lonely, not being able to play with them anymore.  I decided I wanted to try and have an impact on somebody’s life and heard about the Kid’s Hope Program.  After a series of interviews, I was taken to Snowhill School to meet my match.  His name was Dontea.  He had on a Cincinnati Reds Ken Griffey shirt and a huge smile and I knew we were going to hit it off. Although it turns out he knew nothing about baseball.

Six years later, we are still together.  He is now in the sixth grade.  We go out to dinner once a week and just spend some time together.  We talk about school, what’s going on with his life, his family.  Just about anything.  There is nothing better, than pulling up in front of his house and watching him run out to the car because he is genuinely excited to see me.  I know I started this to try and make somebody else’s life a little better, however the reverse has happened.  He has made my life better.  He was a gift from God and one that I will be forever grateful.

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