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Jennie and Miranda's Story

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Our journey to Fellowship Christian Church came with a mixed bag of emotions. We didn’t come to Fellowship because we were running toward Jesus. We came to Fellowship because we had decided to walk away from something else.

We knew several families who attended Fellowship so we thought we would see what it was all about. I must admit, the first Sunday we attended Fellowship I wasn’t in the right mindset to worship or receive biblical teaching. I was acting like a pouting toddler who hadn’t gotten her way and was making my attendance about me and how I felt. My daughter even put it into words that day when she said, “Mom stop acting like a baby. This is not about you, about what happened or how you feel. It’s about Jesus.” Let’s just say that was an eye-opening moment for me - I was hurting Jesus.

Several weeks have passed since we first stepped into Fellowship. Each week we are greeted with friendly and inviting smiles from God’s children. My heart has begun to heal, although it’s still a work in process. The mixed bag of emotions I brought into Fellowship has changed into gratefulness for the comfort of our new home where I can constantly be pointed back toward Jesus, despite my circumstances. I may never fully understand why God allowed the things to happen that led us to Fellowship, but I am grateful to be here. Today, it is not about me or someone else’s decisions or my hurt - I came to worship Jesus.

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