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Colleen Bussard's Story

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Last October, James and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We found out early in our relationship that God's plan was better than any plan we had and was about much more than just the two of us. Our lives came together now for such a time as this.


Although we didn’t remember each other, James and I were in 5th grade together and our teacher prayed over our class every day. When we met as adults, we were surprised to put the pieces together and remember back to that classroom. I had written James a note that year – really a song about love and we found it in his mother’s attic just a few years ago. She didn’t even know it was there but had kept it all this time! As an adult, I had a desire to love and to be loved as I had never experienced before. I had been married before but it was a difficult relationship. I cannot begin to tell you the hurt, the heartache, and the injustices I have seen.


Today, I feel like God has restored to me all the years that the locust have eaten. In fact, he has given me double for my trouble! So many miraculous things have confirmed that God wants to use James and I to encourage others. This is not about us or being seen but about God showing himself through the lives of two ordinary people who had a desire to love and be loved. We are passionate about showing how God can give us the gift of love despite our past or current circumstances.  What a good and faithful God he is to us who trust in Him! Now, together we have a story to tell of God's goodness and that is exactly what we do! We proclaim the goodness of God to all who will hear. He is using us to love on people and He is changing lives. We are so glad to be a part of his plan!

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