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Cindy Neer

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Each week we like to share a God-story with you. Here is a summary of what Cindy Neer wrote for us earlier this year: My mother Sandra Faulk was put in nursing home in June 2016 diagnosed with dementia/schizophrenia. She was on bad terms with us kids and her sister and was a danger to herself at home alone. Last July, she got very sick they sent her to the hospital for an x-ray. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and lung cancer. They sent her back to nursing home with hospice put on morphine, giving her just three days to live. It was very emotional, especially with her broken relationships with family members. We made funeral arrangements and stayed by her bedside. On the fourth day she just woke up, saying how hungry she was. It was a miracle! She had no pain or anything. The Hospice nurse said she’d never seen anything like it. We had wonderful visits after that and she continued to grow stronger.


I prayed and asked for prayer every Sunday I came to Fellowship. I texted pastor Grant for prayer. Our mom raised us in the church every Saturday night, Sunday, and Wednesday. She prayed and read her bible every night. She was so close to God. Last December they did another x-ray and the tumor is gone.  I believe mom was called for His plan, got very sick and it brought our family together again. We were all lost and now we have a new and loving relationship with her that we never had before. Mom gives God the credit for healing her and she praises him for that. I know that God loves us and we love him more than anything in this world. Mom is still doing well almost one year later.

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