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Cheryl Weislak

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Do you remember back on Sunday, September 10th we had Family Ministry Draft Night? It was a really great night where the Family Ministry Team shared their vision for the future, we met some new friends, and people signed up to serve for the upcoming year wherever they felt led. Most people joined a team or two to teach our children about Jesus in the classroom. But there was this other list of things that need done behind the scenes. These are jobs that no one thinks about or ever sees getting done. They are jobs just seem to the general public like they magically happen but are actually a lot of work.

That night Cheryl Weislak signed up to do some behind the scenes jobs. She came in that week for training with Wendy Snyder, our resource coordinator, on how to fill the bins with teaching materials. While she was here she asked if she could help do a deep clean of the children’s classrooms. Wendy told her that we would love to have that done. The next day, Cheryl brought her two daughters, Breah and Anastasia, back to the church and they cleaned every single children’s classroom at the Upper Valley campus – top to bottom!

Today we want to thank God for Cheryl, Breah, and Anastasia and the army of people like them who serve behind the scenes here at Fellowship. These people do things quietly without needing any recognition or attention. You stuff bulletins, put pens in chair pockets, run media for services, cut out paper shapes for Children’s classes, wash windows, sweep the warehouse, or hundreds of other important jobs. Thank you - you are a blessing to all of us and you are making a difference here.

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