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Fellowship 365 Ideas

Investing in our Future: Fellowship 365

Every day, people in our community walk in darkness because they don’t know Jesus. At its core, Fellowship is really a group of people that God is using to impact lives and spread the hope of The Gospel to our neighbors and beyond. Part of our strategy to do this was to invest in our facilities and infrastructure. A loan was taken out to kick start this vision.  

The goal of Fellowship 365 is to pay off this outstanding debt. God has moved in a significant way to date as we have seen the debt reduce from $2.8 million to $1,139,895 as of last spring. It was suggested then that we divide that number by 365 and invite people to make an Investment in One Day of Impact at just $3123. Imagine how much more we can share The Gospel once that debt is paid off!  More resources will be able to go to frontline ministries. More missionaries. More disciplers. More lives changed.

Pat and Laura Miller prayed about their involvement and decided to host a 5K. Louie and Amanda Ortega donated the proceeds from having their Painted Pepper Food Truck at Fellowship for two weekends in November.

Some other suggestions that have been offered include: Invest in One Day of Impact in memory or honor of a loved one. Invest birthday or Christmas money in One Day of Impact. Make a choice to eat “in” vs eat “out” one day per week or month and invest the money saved. Host a garage sale or bake sale and invest the proceeds. The ideas are endless. Pray and share your idea with us. We’d love to help you pull a team together to make it happen!

Invest in part of a day, one whole day, or multiple days! Any amount can be invested in Fellowship 365. Whether you write a check or host an event, your investment is important. We invite you to join us as a church family as we Invest Together.

Investing in our Future: Fellowship 365

Planning and carrying out ideas is much more fun and frankly, easier, when done with a great team.

How much planning time do you need?

Would this be beneficial to our whole community or is this targeted only to the Fellowship Church family?

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