Fellowship 365

God is impacting lives everyday through Fellowship. These individual stories come together to make up a beautiful community. Several years ago, we defined a path to reach those living in our community and around the world who did not yet know Jesus through Links, launching our Spring Hill campus, and renovating our Upper Valley campus. 

Many people contributed time, talents and resources to make these things possible. The project cost well over $2,500,000 and much of it was given before the project was complete. But there was a difference between the cost of the project and the money we had in hand, so Fellowship acquired a loan.

On March 28, 2017, Fellowship 365 divided our indebtedness into 365 equal parts to signify each of those days of God’s impact. Each time $3123 is donated, one of the 365 equal parts is considered invested.

So many from our Fellowship family have participated - from just a few dollars to investing in several days.  218 days have been invested and the outstanding balance on our loan today is $457,750. Only 147 more days to go!

If you would like to participate by donating part of a day, one day, or even multiple days, click here