Annual Report 2018


Spring Hill campus launched an evening service on Wednesday, August 22.


2018 God Stories

Jeff Horne | God Story

fellowship* testimony | December 30, 2018

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2018 Outreach Events


A playroom renovation took place to allow Mommy and Me Play Dates on alternating Tuesday mornings. Moms are given an opportunity to fellowship with other moms while children play in a fun, safe environment.

Special Needs Ministry launched at the Upper Valley campus, which allows parents to participate in weekly worship while their children are cared for and shown the love of Jesus.

Date Night in February gave 20 couples a night out focused on intentional conversations while their kids had a fun-filled night at the church.

About 60 people watched The Incredibles! at Family Movie Night. This event gave the entire family an opportunity to have fun and spend time with each other .

Jingle Jam was a Christmas Party "Big enough for the whole family." About 150 people took a break from shopping, wrapping, and baking to enjoy this family event centered around Christmas fun!

Youth group grew from an average attendance of 75 students in January to 95 students in December. 

Orange Planet grew from an average attendance of 40 Elementary students in January to 62 students in December.

67 elementary students attended AMPED, our Vacation Bible School, over the summer. They learned that because we can believe what God says is true, we can be OVERLOADED with CONFIDENCE. 

18 students attended Middle School Camp CIY MIX at Cedarville University.

23 students attended High School Camp CIY MOVE at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN.

The Family Ministry Team went to The Orange Conference in Atlanta, GA in April for further training and team building.

More than 85 kids participated in a Youth Instructional Basketball League, and we began building intentional bridges from the court to the cross. 12 Coaches volunteered and 10 others gave their time to assist with the Saturday morning games.

75 men participated in the Men’s Basketball League on Thursday evenings. The league grew and for the first time, the league consisted of 9 teams.

Our first golf league started in summer 2018, playing on Thursday evenings at Windy Knoll Golf Course. Six 2-man teams competed and had a fun experience.

4 different groups play pickle-ball weekly at various times.

Youth Dance Classes specializing in Combination dance for ages 4-8 and Contemporary Jazz for ages 7 and up provided an uplifting and encouraging environment for children to learn to dance.

Two Ballroom Dance classes were offered for adults by Olivia Willis.



Events Sponsored by Community Organizations Using Fellowship’s Facilities:

Springfield Pickle-ball Association
Schult Basketball
Wittenberg Basketball
T.H.A.T. Homeschool
Classical Conversations Homeschool
The Gathering
Food Pantry
Boy Scout 316
Weight Watchers
Several Parties and Reunions
Holy Yoga
Springfield Christian Youth Ministry Biz Ba$ics
Club Ohio Soccer practice during cold weather 

2018 Sermons

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2018 Financial information

2018 Average Weekly Giving...$27,495
2018 Average Weekly Expenses...$25,200



General Tithes ... $1,429,751

Fellowship 365/Vision...$151,880

Missions International...$423,062

Missions Local...$9,152

Tithes/Offerings Other...$214,755

General, Missions, 365: $2,013,845
Total Deposits in 2018: $2,228,660

Line of Credit: $9,000
Building Loan: Paid $218,500 ($941,500 to $723,000)
Checking (cash available) approximately: $100,000
Cash in Capital Projects Reserve approximately: $50,000

God is impacting lives everyday through Fellowship. These individual stories (shared here) come together to make up a beautiful community. Several years ago, we defined a path to reach those living in our community and around the world who did not yet know Jesus through Links, launching our Spring Hill campus, and renovating our Upper Valley campus. 

Many people contributed time, talents and resources to make these things possible. The project cost well over $2,500,000 and much of it was given before the project was complete. But there was a difference between the cost of the project and the money we had in hand, so Fellowship acquired a loan.

On March 28, 2017, Fellowship 365 divided our indebtedness into 365 equal parts to signify each of those days of God’s impact. Each time $3123 is donated, one of the 365 equal parts is considered invested.

So far, over 120 households have participated from just a few dollars to investing in several days.  Our church family  gave sacrificially. In 2018, 70 days were invested. The outstanding balance on our loan on December 31 was $723,000.

If you would like to participate by hosting an event, donating part of a day, one day, or even multiple days, CLICK HERE

2018 red chair leaders

ACTS Project/Poverty Alleviation – Danielle Snook
Arts Team – Chad Wilson
Baptism – Erich Holton
Building Team – Mike Delledonne
Communications Team – Michelle Detrick
Congregational Listening Project – Jeremy Hudson
Decorations/Environments Team – Michelle Detrick
Facilities & Property Maintenance – Mike Delledonne
Family Ministry Team – Greg Nerger
Fan into Flame – Rick Ives
Finance Committee – Craig Hamstra
First Steps – Ray Willis
Foyer Team – Rick Ives
Generosity Committee – Grant Edwards
Gracious Hands Ministry – Peggy Kaffenbarger
HR Team - Grant Edwards
IT – Ray Willis
LIFE Groups – Louie and Amanda Ortega
Local Links – Jeremy Hudson
Master Calendar – Mike Delledonne
Ministry to Men – Ray Willis
Missions Board – Rick Ives
NewU Adult Education – Rick Ives
Office Volunteers – Peggy Kaffenbarger
Outreach Events – Marianne Struck
Pastoral Care – Chris LeMaster
Personnel Committee – Grant Edwards
Preaching Team – Grant Edwards
Production Team – Chad Wilson
Red Chair Leadership Development – Jeremy Hudson
Red Chair Policy – Ray Willis
Scheduling – Mike Delledonne
Security Team – Jay Braselton
Small Groups – Ray Willis
Spiritual Growth Committee – Rohn and Terrie Kennington
Spring Hill campus Leadership Team – Jeremy Hudson
Spring Hill campus Women’s Ministry – Nicole Hayes
SNL Leadership Team – Rick Ives
SNL Prayer Ministry Team – Rick Ives 
SNL Service Core Team – Pat Miller
SNL Up Front/Pulpit Team – Rick Ives
Sports Ministry – Ray Willis
Staff Finance Team – Rick Ives
Taste of Missions – Rick Ives
Upper Valley campus Ministry and Core Teams – Ray Willis
Upper Valley campus Up Front/Interim Team – Michelle Detrick
Warehouse Team – Rick Wade
Women’s Bible Studies – Terrie Kennington
Women’s Ministry Leadership Team and Women’s Large Group Events – Terrie Kennington
Worship Teams – Chad Wilson
Youth Group – Greg Nerger


2018 Facilities update

The Facilities team consists of Brian Allen, Paul Andras, Jay Braselton, Chris Cox, John Gray, Tom Jordan, Phil Lambers, Ken Ober, Dave Wilson, and Mike Delledonne - Operations Manager.

Repainted the handicapped ramp at Spring Hill campus
Replaced ceiling tiles and replaced flooring in the Upper Valley Hub
Hung a new swing in the Special Needs room
Assisted with setting up and tearing down for special events
Repaired and painted walls in the gym
Replaced outlet covers in the Upper Valley campus lobby
Constructed staging items for Jingle Jam and Christmas Eve services

2018 office volunteers

Dana Beckner, Diane Chapman, Sandy Krumholtz, Sandy Lee, Sharon Maine, Anna Miner, Jayne Ratliff,  Laura Robinette, Diane Swingle, Kim Tagg, and Peggy Kaffenbarger - Office Manager.

Input weekly attendance and prayer requests
Assemble weekly bulletins for both campuses
Fellowship Care support
Prepare Children's Ministry resources for services
Prepare Welcome Gifts for visitors
Answer phones and greet guests who stop in
Distribute Prayer Warriors Memo

2018 Elders

Jim Chamberlin, Bill Clark, Grant Edwards, Craig Hamstra, Dick Johnson, Rohn Kennington, Wally Martinson, and Rob Oller*

*moved and resigned in 2018


did you know?

After serving on staff at Fellowship for more than 38 years, Pastor John Essig left in June to become the Superintendent at Emmanuel Christian Academy.

On September 21 we took a look at Fellowship's history and dreamed together about our future. God has so much in store for Springfield and Fellowship in the future. 

On December 8, SNL celebrated 15 years of worshiping the Lord with a special service and a potluck meal. 800 consecutive Saturdays and counting. 

Gracious Hands Ministry consists of 4 teams of 18-20 women who provide meals to families after the funeral of a loved one. Each team served several times in 2018.


Women's Ministry hosted seven Bible studies, held a Creative Expo in March, a Women's Round table in April, and Sweet Fellowship: A Night for Women in November.


Men’s Ministry relaunched in 2018 with a series of monthly breakfasts. The breakfasts are held the third Saturday of each month and host special speakers from our area


Fellowship hosted 226 weekly services over two campuses, where teams of 70+ volunteers gave over 5000 hours of service to the worship and production teams.


On January 1, 2018, Fellowship had 1944 followers on our Facebook page and on December 31, 2018, we had 2376 followers.


The Decorating Committee commissioned the construction of a huge cross for the Upper Valley campus at Easter. Thank you Ian Blair for sharing your talents with our Fellowship family!  


In July, six babies or very young children were dedicated to the Lord. 



Mike Delledonne was named Director of Sports Ministry in June, despite the fact he is an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan.



Baptism publicly identifies you with Jesus Christ.  Romans 6:4 says “We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.” 36 People were baptized in 2018.


Each week we celebrated the Lord's Supper. Approximately 320 quarts of grape juice were used to serve communion. 


In 2018, several  new Red Chair teams were launched. 5 people took on the new responsibility of being a Red Chair Leader.


The Ministry Fair in February allowed all members of the Fellowship family an opportunity to join a team to serve in the church.


Nine Russian-speaking Christians joined us in February to receive training in First Steps, Google technology, and Red Chair Leadership. 


Mother's Day was celebrated by honoring our moms with special packets of M&Ms. We also filled baby bottles with change and encouraged moms from the Pregnancy Resource Clinic with devotional books. 


 Father's Day was a big deal this year at Fellowship. Dads were encouraged to enjoy a donut off the donut wall and we partnered with the local Fatherhood program to host a Burgers with Dads event at Lagonda Elementary School.


The January sermon series, titled "Yes, and Amen", focused on the great promises of the Bible. Hundreds of promises were distributed within our Fellowship family and the community.


Center City Studio opened as a ministry of Fellowship in downtown Springfield, allowing the highest quality recording of audio and video.


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