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Our Facilities Team

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From Mike Delledonne, our Operations Manager. Mike says, “God has blessed us with two incredible buildings where we gather on weekends for worship and throughout the week for all kinds of activities. We have a group of men who serve together on the Facilities Team. They perform tasks to keep both campuses operating at high levels all week long.  The team includes, Phil Lambers, Paul Andrus, Dave Wilson, Bryan Dabe, Ken Ober, Tom Jordan, Brian Allen, Benjamin Marshall and Chris Cox.  They have repaired and painted the gym walls, assisted Youth Ministry with multiple projects in the Worship Warehouse, put the Wooden Christmas Trees on stands to get them ready for Christmas and most recently repaired the ramp at our Spring Hill Campus.  These men are true stewards of their time and talents for Fellowship.  They truly are the unsung heroes of our church and I am very blessed to serve on the team with each of them.”

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